To say a lot has happened since we last spoke would be the understatement of the year! 

The mighty Penrith Panthers going back to back as premiers of one of the toughest sporting competitions in the world is downright phenomenal. 

In fact their dissection of the Parramatta Eels just under a fortnight ago was perhaps their best overall performance of the season, especially their opening 40 minutes where they raced to an 18 points to nil lead at half-time. 

The Panthers ‘big boys’ showed some serious intent in the opening exchanges with an almighty ambush awaiting the luckless Eels. 

Leota, Fisher-Harris and Martin were particularly ferocious in the early stanzas of the Grand Final, punishing their opponents into submission before the 20 minute mark had been reached. 

To’o was amazing, Edwards, the Clive Churchill medalist for best on ground, was rampant, so much so I thought he had a body double out there. He was EVERYWHERE!

In what was one of the more comprehensive grand final victories we’ve witnessed in recent years, the cold hard facts are that Parra weren’t awful – Penrith were just too powerful. They saved their best for last. 

Not only were the first grade of the Mountain Men epic, but for the first time since Rugby League started here in Australia (1908) one club won all 4 grades! S.G Ball. Jersey Flegg. NSW Cup. First Grade. All PREMIERS! What a football club. 

But some weren’t as glowing as my biased summation of dominance. It would appear you’re not allowed to celebrate a grand final victory these days according to some factions? Really? Get real! How can a team so dominant over these past 3 seasons, 2 of them through covid, come out at the other end not jubilant and buoyant? 

When the ‘Fish” said “this is the best Panthers team ever” he was right. It is! No other Panthers team has been in 3 straight grand finals, winning two of them back to back! 

In 91 we played a formidable Canberra, a great team. But didn’t do it two years in a row. In 03 the Panthers came up against a juggernaut of a Roosters team, and won! But didn’t go back to back. 

The cold hard facts are that this team is brilliant.Fantastic to watch. They could be the first team, ironically, since Parra in 81, 82 and 83 to go back to back to back! 

As long as that fire in the belly remains, and the young forwards keep ripping in, Nathan and Jerome stay fit and healthy, Brian, Stephen, and Dylan keep reaching for the skies, and Isaah leads from the front – ANYTHING is possible. 

Put it this way, I wouldn’t bet against it. 

See you at the game.

MG (random Westie) OAM