Congratulations Kellie! 

Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital was thrilled to share on social media that Kellie Tickner (who also writes the regular veterinary column in Nepean News) has been nominated for RSPCA Volunteer of the Year, after recently being awarded Volunteer of the Month in March.

Kellie’s dedication to volunteering with RSPCA NSW is truly inspiring. She saw a need in the Penrith community and took action, implementing vaccination programs that significantly reduced the incidence of Parvovirus in the region.

But Kellie’s commitment doesn’t stop there. She is a part of the RSPCA Outreach team, striving to ‘make a difference – one community at a time’. Through initiatives like RSPCA Health Pet Days, she has provided vital animal healthcare to those who need it most, ensuring pets and people stay together.

Over the past year, Kellie, alongside other dedicated volunteers, has gone above and beyond, traveling to various locations across the state including Tenterfield, Taree, and Griffith. 

Kellie’s belief that pets and people belong together is evident in her actions. She understands that financial circumstances shouldn’t determine someone’s ability to love and care for a companion animal, and she’s making sure that strong bonds between pets and their owners contribute to stronger communities. 

Congratulations, Kellie, on this well-deserved recognition! Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place for animals and people alike.