During these challenging times the TOTS collective strength shines brightest

The Creative Fringe and Charity Organisations.

Proudly in its 8th year, The Creative Fringe successfully completes the 1st round of the TOTS blanket challenge (Think Outside The Square Blanket Challenge) with their handover this week to all the charities.

This heart warming initiative continues to gain momentum each year and has brought the best out of the community, inspiring them to knit or crochet 20cm x 20cm squares that were then transformed into beautifully crafted blankets.

The Creative Fringe has proudly handed over the first batch of completed blankets, totalling 260. These magnificent blankets, created with love and dedication, have been generously donated to local charitable organisations, including Platform Youth Services, Penrith Community Kitchens, WestCare Services, The Haven Women’s Shelter Penrith, Link

Wentworth – Together Homes and Cancer wellness Support.

Barb Howard and Meghan Winckle.

Thanks to this extraordinary effort and the ongoing support of the charity partners working on the ground, ensure a significant number of Penrith’s rough sleepers, domestic violence survivors, mental health sufferers, elderly individuals, those people going through cancer treatments and members of the disadvantaged community have found solace in the embrace of love.

The generosity from the community has been overwhelming. The Creative Fringe continues to receive donations not just from the local Penrith area but from all across the country, some coming as far as Central Queensland and Victoria.

There are so many incredible stories, from volunteers young and old – children in schools learning to knit so they can be a part of this and  aged care facilities are volunteering their sewing groups to help us reach the targets. Those in cancer remission, undergoing treatment, therapy, police officers and lawyers who knit their way through their Netflix series, everyday members of the community who just want to give of their time, along with many disability groups that are now participating as a way to give back to our local community in need.

L-R: Debbie O’Connor, Gai Hawthorn and Andrew Paech westcare.

The TOTS challenge is now half way through its mission – In fact they have the ambitious goal of reaching their target of 650 blankets. It’s not too late to get involved. They are calling out to each and every one of you to keep knitting, crocheting, and sewing as they head toward their biggest goal ever for their final handover to charities on August 1st, 2024.

In support of the TOTS Blanket Challenge, the Creative Fringe runs free Community Sewing Bee’s both day and evening classes which is a great way to bring together community, to find connection and purpose for a greater cause.

With special thanks this year to The Bunker – Café Bar Restaurant which has come on board to be the TOTS 2024 sponsor. The Creative Fringe is so grateful for their support in supplying delicious grazing boxes for our volunteers who attend these sewing bees to create these beautiful blankets for the community.

For further information about the TOTS Challenge or to schedule media interviews, please contact Barb Howard, Community Manager at The Creative Fringe.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the power of community, compassion, and a warm blanket.