Expert security advice for holidaymakers

IN a bid to ensure the safety of homes during the holiday season, Gina Field, a security expert from Nepean Regional Security, has shared crucial advice for residents planning a holiday this summer.

“Don’t post on community pages that you’re going on a holiday and how long you’ll be away for,” warns Gina, emphasising the potential risks associated with sharing travel plans online. 

Gina recounted instances of excited locals inadvertently revealing key details on social media, making their homes vulnerable to burglaries.

“I’ve actually seen people post photos of themselves with their cruise lanyards on, standing in front house of their house and car with the rego plates showing. 

“Most people would look at that and just say “have a great time.

“But the sad reality is, the bad people have digested which house and car to look for while nobody is at home before the next P & O cruise ship pulls out of Sydney Harbour.”   

Gina said locking up is super important. “Make sure the side gate is padlocked, and padlock the electrical box. You can use an integrity approved padlock, as the officials checking your meter have a master key to open it,” she said.

 “We don’t get much snail mail these days but its still a good idea to get a trusty neighbour to collect it if it’s likely to look like a hundred letters have been shoved in it by the end of the holiday. Another mistake people make is putting the garbage out early. Get the same trusty neighbour to put yours out with theirs on bin night.”

Gina is available to answer your security questions, and of course help with the supply of CCTV, alarms and everything else security related. (See page 2 for more detail.) As the holiday season approaches, Gina’s advice serves as a timely reminder for residents to prioritise home security and enjoy their holiday with peace of mind.