Fast-track on expansion of public preschools

MEMBER for Londonderry, Deputy Premier Prue Car says the  NSW Government is fast tracking the largest expansion of public preschools in the state’s history by cutting red tape to deliver 100 preschools co-located with public primary schools by 2027.

“For years, key infrastructure projects particularly across Western Sydney have been unnecessarily delayed due to inefficiencies in the planning system accrued under the former Government,” Ms Car said in a statement. 

“To address this, the Government will change the Transport and Infrastructure State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) permitting new preschool buildings or preschools in existing buildings under complying development provisions.

“Changes to this SEPP will permit the development of new preschool buildings, or allow preschools to operate in existing buildings at all NSW public schools without the need for development applications.

“This will speed up the delivery of new preschools for families desperately in need by up to eight months.

“These changes will enable the Department of Education to phase the delivery of 100
new preschools over the next three years,
without concerns over delays through the planning process.”

It comes as the NSW Government plans new public preschools including 51 across Sydney, with 49 of those in Western Sydney, South-West Sydney and North-West Sydney.

“This historic $769 million investment in public preschools is part of the NSW Labor Government’s long-term plan to support young families,” Ms Car said. 

“The NSW Government has also committed $60 million to build and upgrade 50 preschools at non-government schools in areas of greatest need and has provided $17 million to support capital works for early childhood services in areas of need.

“This is along with $29.4 million in funding to expand the number of early childhood workers in NSW through a major scholarship program, which continues to see a record number of applications.

“All children deserve access to high quality early learning.  Our record investment to double the number of public preschools in the state is an important step towards growing access to early education across the state. We are cutting red tape as part of our plan to deliver this historic expansion of public preschools to the families of NSW.”