Gratitude and Warmth for our local community

THE Creative Fringe, led by the dedicated CEO Debbie O’Connor, announces the start of the Annual 2024 Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge (TOTS) for its eighth year running with a massive goal of 650 blankets. This inspiring initiative is instrumental in supporting the vulnerable members of our local Penrith community through the creation of knitted and crocheted blankets.

Last year, a total of 547 blankets were presented to local charity partners, including Link Wentworth and Together Homes, WestCare Community Services, Platform Youth Services, Penrith Community Kitchen, and The Haven Nepean Women’s Shelter. The overwhelming response from our compassionate community has truly touched the lives of those
in need during the chilly winter

The TOTS Blanket Challenge, a remarkable collaboration of over 280 volunteers, has been running annually from April to August. These dedicated individuals, armed with their knitting needles, and crochet hooks, ingeniously transform 20 x 20cm squares into vibrant, cosy blankets, which provide comfort and solace to countless individuals and families within our community. Supporting DV survivors, Youth in crisis and homeless.

The Creative Fringe has garnered support froma several schools across the region which are now supporting the challenge by teaching their students how to knit squares. Several Aged Care and Retirement villages and disability groups are on board to help the challenge. If you are keen to get involved, The Creative Fringe would welcome you to this years growing cause.

What makes the TOTS Blanket Challenge all the more extraordinary is that its impact knows no boundaries. The outpouring of support has reached far beyond our local area, with participation from kind-hearted souls hailing from country Victoria, Queensland, Newcastle, and even as far as Darwin and Perth. To accommodate their unwavering enthusiasm, these incredible contributors send their squares by post, showcasing the widespread compassion that this challenge has garnered.

This year, again with the support of the local community, The Creative Fringe hopes to reach a massive goal of 650 blankets. There are more and more people in dire need this year in our community and with help they will be able to reach this

To support this, The Creative Fringe is running a series of sewing bee’s during the day and evenings across the months of the challenge to bring together the community to help sort squares, knit, crochet or sew blankets together. All information about this can be found on the Website.

To stay connected with The Creative Fringe and to witness the ongoing impact of the TOTS Blanket Challenge, we invite everyone to follow us on Facebook at or for more information on how to be a volunteer, FAQ’s and information about the challenge can be found on