Noemie Fox shines at Canoe Slalom State Championships 

THE Western Sydney Whitewater Club hosted the Canoe Slalom State Championships on Sunday morning at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium, with Noemie Fox putting in two gold-medal-winning performances to win the Women’s Canoe and the Women’s Kayak.

Noemie put down the fastest time in the first run of the WK1, then backed up with the fastest time in the second run to claim the Gold medal ahead of sister Jess and Kate Eckhardt.

Tim Anderson subsequently mirrored Noemie’s performance in the MK1, recording the fastest time in both runs to claim the Gold medal, ahead of Ben Pope and Angus Thompson.

Noemie Fox WK1 Gold and WC1 Gold, plus Tristan Carter MC1 Gold.  Photos by Noel Rowsell

Noemie was initially in second place behind sister Jess after the first run of the WC1, but her second run would set the benchmark for the event, giving her the Gold medal ahead of Jess and Kate Eckhardt – a mirror result of the WK1 medals.

In the MC1, Tristan Carter finished the first run just under 0.5 sec ahead of Steven Lowther but that was good enough to grab Gold, with all of the major contenders putting in slower times on the second run. Tristan won Gold, ahead of Lowther and Brodie Crawford.

The Open Kayak Cross (formerly Extreme Slalom) was a mixed gender event, with Tim Anderson capturing the Gold, ahead of Kaylen Bassett and Tren Long, whilst in the Junior Kayak Cross, the winner was Merle Long, ahead of Dominic Curtin and Matt Delaney.

The full age group categories on the day were: MK1 – U12, U14, U16, U18, U23, Open, Vintage; WK1 – U14, U18, U23, Open; MC1 – U18, U23, Open, Masters; WC1 – U16, U23, Open.