Premiers decided in junior hockey

The premiership-winning U16 Blaxland Rovers.  Photos supplied.
Under 16’s – Back Row (L-R): Campbell Wilson, Harrison Canning, Hugh Nibblett, Ann Walker, George Walker, Aaron Bhaumik, Elliott Vogel, Yvie Dunn (Coach); Middle Row: Willow Longhurst, Ruby Hammond, Georgia Hammond, Beau Hughan; Front Row:  Mackenzie Wilson, Xavier Canning, Keiraliegh McMartin. 

THERE was playoff action all weekend at the Nepean Hockey Association grounds at WSU, beginning with two junior grand finals on Friday night, followed by the Women’s preliminary finals on Saturday and the Men’s preliminary finals on Sunday.

In the junior grand finals, Blaxland Rovers defeated the Penrith Panthers 4-2 to win the Under 16 title and, in the Under 13’s, Penrith Panthers Leopards defeated Emu Plains.

Saturday’s two Women’s preliminary finals saw Penrith RSL defeat Penrith Panthers 2nd (Black) 3-0 in Pool B and Penrith Panthers 1st defeat Blaxland Rovers 1st 2-0 in Pool A.

The premiership-winning U13 Penrith Panthers.  Photos supplied.
Under 13’s -Back Row – (L-R): Ryan knowles(coach), Lucy Campbell, Sienna Knowles, Tiani Honeman, Summer Knowles(C), Carter Kristaly, Brock Danby; Front Row Charlotte Richards, Chase Danby, Julian Castle, Tyla Danby. 

Penrith RSL will now meet Penrith Panthers 2nd (Teal) in the Pool B grand final, whilst Penrith Panthers 1st meet Emu Plains 1st in the Pool A grand final.

Sunday’s two Men’s preliminary finals saw Penrith Panthers B draw 0-0 with Penrith RSL in Pool B and Rooty Hill RSL A defeat Emu Plains A 5-2 in Pool A.

Rooty Hill RSL will now meet Penrith Panthers B1 in the Pool B grand final, whilst Emu Plains 1st meet Penrith Panthers in the Pool A grand final.

11am Pool B Men: Rooty Hill RSL B1 vs Penrith Panthers B; 12:30pm Pool B Women: Penrith Panthers 2nd (Teal) vs Penrith RSL; 2.30pm Pool A Men: Penrith Panthers A vs Rooty Hill RSL A; 4:00pm Pool A Women: Emu Plains 1st vs Penrith Panthers 1st.