The two Ians: outstanding local seniors

St Clair locals Ian Pike and Ian Baistow have each been awarded the prestigious 2024 NSW Seniors Local Achievement Award by Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek.

Mr Pike’s award is in recognition of his commitment as a Committee Member of St Clair & District Men’s Shed’s Building Committee since 2016 and for his services as President and newly appointed Secretary of the St Clair & District Men’s Shed.

Mr Baistow’s award is in recognition of his commitment as a Foundation Member of Cecil’s Place, which was the precursor to the St Clair & District Men’s Shed, for his services as Treasurer and as a Committee Member of the Shed’s Building Committee overseeing the construction and fit-out of the new Men’s Shed.

Mrs Davies commended the award recipients, stating “Mr Pike’s and Mr Baistow’s service to the Men’s Shed has enriched the lives of members of the Men’s Shed, as well as the countless organisations and community members who benefit from the contributions of the Men’s Shed.”

Mr Pike reflected on his service as a Committee Member since Incorporation, whilst Mr Baistow reflected on his service as a Foundation Member, with both men expressing their appreciation and crediting their fellow members of the Men’s Shed.  

“We are honoured to accept this award. We could not do our jobs without the co-operation of every member of the Shed,” the gentlemen stated. 

The awards coincided with the largest senior’s festival in the southern hemisphere taking place across the state.

The two-week event, which runs until Sunday, 24 March 2024, aims to recognise the contributions of our older generations.

More than 500,000 people take part in the event in NSW each year, and this year’s theme is Reach Beyond!

Mrs Davies said the festival is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate seniors in the community.

“Our seniors are such a valued part of our community, and I express my wholehearted thanks to them for the knowledge and achievements they have passed down through generations,” Mrs Davies said.

“As part of the festival, there are a range of events across the state including art classes, fitness and live music, as well as events that can be accessed online. I encourage you to spread the word to make sure all seniors can take advantage of the NSW Seniors Festival events.”

The NSW Senior’s Festival has been running for over four decades, providing entertainment and improving our seniors’ quality of life.

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