Yellow Line Theatre presents ‘Maybe You’


Lyrics by Wayne Price
Music by Russell Tredinnick
Directed by Benjamin Roorda
Cast: Lauren Bacon-Fleming, Renee Bechara, Levi Burrows, Jacob Fleming, Linda Hale, Samwise Holmes, Danielle Roorda, Laura Tredinnick

This original contemporary musical explores the way that relationships change us all for better or worse.When Garet, a shy and introverted suburban worker meets Greta, a carefree and fun-loving performer,both of their lives become forever altered. From the moment they take each other’s breath away untilthey share a final breath, they will choose whether to be strangers, lovers or friends.

When opposites attract, both will need to decide what to change and what to hold on to in order to findthe balance in their relationship. As tensions rise and conflict ensues, the two will battle through trauma,addiction and illness while grappling with a question; Maybe you are right for me or maybe you are not?

With an evocative original score by Russell & James Tredinnick and choreography by Alanna Carter, thisatypical love story presents a deeply personal and honest insight into the ways that love evolves andchanges with time.

Supported by a cast of 8 and a live 8-piece band guided by Music Director James Tredinnick this showrepresents the best of Wayne and Russell’s twenty five years of writing all brought together throughBenjamin’s vision.

Dates: 14th – 16th September 2023
Times: 7:30pm – 14th, 15th & 16th // 2:00pm – 16th
Run time: 1.5 hours (including intermission)
Tickets: $45.00 ($38.00 Concession)
Location: The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Allan Mullins Theatre, 597 High Street, Penrith, 2750.

About the Company:
Founded in 2019, Yellow Line Theatre is a Not-For-Profit company committed to creating andchampioning new and original Australian theatre. We provide aspiring writers, composers andcreators the support and opportunity to bring their works to life and share their stories withour local Australian audiences