Carlotta & Craig Bennett – Bosom Buddies

“The Two Of Us” – Live In Concert

SHE’S Queen of the Cross and a bonafide Aussie showbiz legend, and he’s King of the Goss and an entertainment stalwart. 

Together, they’re outrageous and funny, serving up a silver platter brimming with laughs, feathers, sequins and limitless razzle-dazzle!

Carlotta and Craig are like a big glass of the best champagne who’ll have the audience fizzing with excitement, while rolling in the aisles with their over-the-top stories delivered with panache and pizzazz.

They sing, they dance .. they divulge extraordinary stories of their showbiz life, tell jokes and they dish the dirt with gusto.

 This is a show not to be missed .. from a duo that is incomparable for their showbiz sparkle!

Like Cher, Beyonce and Abigail, living legend Carlotta AM is known to millions by a single name. The Queen of The Cross, as she’s affectionately known thanks to her decades as the shimmering, be-sequinned and be-jewelled star of Sydney’s iconic Les Girls Cabaret club, has enjoyed a stellar 65 year showbiz career. In 1971 Carlotta (born Richard Byron) underwent then controversial transgender surgery. Three years later she sailed into the record books as the world’s first transgender performer to play a transgender character on television – this was for her role as Miss Ross in Number 96 – where she shocks Jeff Kevin’s Arnold Feather. 

Carlotta segued from stage to the screen, appearing on TV shows like Beauty & The Beast and Studio 10 as a regular panellist. Her amazing and inspiring life story was brought to the screen in 2014 as a TV movie called Carlotta with Jessica Marais channelling the transgender pioneer.

At 80, Carlotta remains vibrant, witty and full of energy. She’s been a cabaret and club mainstay for decades, enthralling audiences with her musical numbers, jaw-dropping costumes and her outrageous and wildly witty repartee

Her Bosom Buddy is known as the ‘King of The Goss’ – Craig Bennett OAM has been a colourful showbiz reporter and confidante to the stars for over 40 years. His reports and interviews have been read in newspapers, Australian and UK glossy magazines, he delivers lively and amusing entertainment wraps for radio and has been a regular on TV – daytime and prime time – for decades. Craig has also authored two best selling books: That’s Quite A Dress You Almost Have On and True Confessions Of A Shameless Gossip.

Starting as a humble cadet journalist on Sydney’s Daily Mirror newspaper in 1980, he quickly blossomed into a showbiz bon vivant, who went on to appear on shows like Midday with Ray Martin, Bert Newton’s Good Morning Australia, John Mangos’ At Home, Monday To Friday, Good Taste, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, entertainment commentator on Today Tonight, and he was the founding showbiz reporter on Studio 10. 

As well he provides commentary on pop culture/entertainment stories for 10 News First.

Craig has interviewed countless stars of stage and screen, from bonafide Hollywood legends to Aussie up-and-comers. And he’s had more than his share of bizarre celebrity encounters, from being hosed by Faye Dunaway, to being inadvertently kneecapped by Johnny Depp’s shopping trolley. 

Recently Craig branched out into cabaret, instantly selling out two shows at Sydney’s Claire’s Kitchen..he’s toured the clubs with Denise Drysdale in their show Alive & Kicking, and now comes to the stage with his dear friend Carlotta. 

They’re Two of A Kind who really are Bosom Buddies.   

“The Two Of Us” 

Saturday 23rd March, 2024 – BLACKTOWN WORKERS CLUB NSW – Bookings: (02) 9830 0600