Congratulations to our local women of the year!

Londonderry Woman of the Year – Libby Clark

Londonderry Woman of the Year – Libby Clark

“There are so many amazing women across our community that work incredibly hard and are an inspiration to so many,” said Londonderry MP, Prue Car.

“Libby Clark is just one of these amazing and inspirational women in our community, congratulations on taking out this year’s Londonderry Local Woman of the Year Award.”

Mulgoa Woman of the Year – Farah Madon.

Mulgoa Woman of the Year – Farah Madon

Congratulations to Farah Madon, named Local Mulgoa Woman of the Year. 

“It was an honour to present her with the award at the NSW Women of the Year ceremony,” said Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies.

“Farah’s work as an architect designing accessible homes for people with disabilities is inspiring and making a positive impact in our community.

“Well done Farah!”

Penrith Woman of the Year – Joy Impiombato

“Joy continues to make a tremendous contribution across Penrith with her unwavering passion to make our community a better place,” Penrith MP Stuart Ayres said.

“It is my privilege to present her with this award and to acknowledge her tireless work and commitment to improving the lives of many, particularly kids across our community.

“Joy has been working in the community service sector in Western Sydney and Penrith for 25 years.

“During this time she has worked across disability, youth work, child protection, and managing Aboriginal services. 

“She is most proud of her achievements in early intervention in Aboriginal services including innovative pathways for children to not fall behind such as the establishment of Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre and the Braddock Early Learning centre. 

“As well as contributing to the work the Closing the Gap ITC team achieve to close the life expectancy gap for Indigenous Australians.

“It’s the connections made with community members who are courageous to share their stories and invite change in their life that inspires her. Running events like NAIDOC Cup that help give kids strength in their cultural identity and
managing the bi-cultural team at NCNS have been highlights of working with the amazing Penrith community.”