Deputy Mayor Mark Davies says Australia Day will be unapologetically celebrated

Deputy Mayor of Penrith City Council, Clr Mark Davies, has commended his Council for proceeding with plans to hold two citizenship ceremonies this Australia Day, as well as a wide range of community events to celebrate the day. He has also taken the opportunity to have a swipe at the Prime Minister.

“It brings me great pride that our community has remained unified in response to Anthony Albanese’s undermining of Australia Day and I commend Council for holding firm with our Australia Day citizenship ceremonies and events,” Councillor Davies stated. 

“Approximately 81 Councils across Australia have taken up Anthony Albanese’s offer to cancel their citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day, following changes to the rules by the Albanese Government.

“This policy of division by the Albanese Government is reflective of their failed Voice Referendum, which our community resoundingly rejected.

“I look forward to celebrating this Australia Day and welcoming our newest citizens. I encourage residents from Councils who have cancelled Australia Day to come visit and celebrate in our beautiful city of Penrith,” Clr Davies said.

The Deputy Mayor said many Australians would consider the actions of the Prime Minister and Councils around the nation to be part of a move towards changing the date of Australia Day. Clr Davies said he wants to reassure the community that January 26 is here to stay in Penrith City.

“I will continue to defend 26 January as Australia Day, a day which is to be unreservedly and unapologetically celebrated. This is a day to honour our Australian way of life and cherish all things that make us proud to be Australian,” concluded Clr Davies.

Festivities to mark Australia Day will be held at St Marys and Penrith Ripples.

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