Federal election early voting

Lindsay Incumbent Melissa McIntosh at pre-poll in Penrith.

Early voting has commenced for the May 21 election, which means you can cast your vote this week or next.

The Lindsay electorate takes in almost all of Penrith City Council area including Penrith, Cambridge Park, Werrington, Mt Pleasant, Kingswood, Emu Plains, Glenmore Park, Caddens, Orchard Hills, Mulgoa, Londonderry, Jordan Springs, Cranebrook, St Marys Colyton and Oxley Park. 

If you live in St Clair, Erskine Park or Minchinbury, you are in the McMahon electorate. 

McMahon Incumbent Chris Bowen with a familiar looking helper.

The polls currently indicate that the current sitting member for Lindsay (Liberal Melissa McIntosh) and McMahon (Labor Chris Bowen) are on track to retain their seats. 

According to Sportsbet (which your writer thinks is the most reliable “poll”) the odds for Chris Bowen are an undeniable $1.01.  The Liberal Candidate, Vivek Singha is paying $14.

It’s a much tighter field in Lindsay, with Melissa McIntosh at $1.50 and Labor’s Trevor Ross well in the race at $2.45.  

There are local polling places open Monday-Saturday: 

Penrith CBD Shopfront (465 High St Penrith)

Emu Plains Community Centre (4 Lawson St)

Glenmore Park Youth Centre

Ridge Park (17-23 Woodland Ave Oxley Park)

Check www.aec.gov.au website for times.