First paid class of police officers ready for work 

THE first fully paid class of police recruits were sworn into the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) last week and will start duties at their new home stations this week. 

The Attestation is also an opportunity to recognise the outstanding contribution of serving police officers to NSW. 169 new Probationary Constables will be welcomed into the NSW Police Force, following eight months of training – four months in-person at the Goulburn Police Academy and four months online study. Class 362 will now undertake 12 months on-the-job-training as Probationary Constables. 

Last year, the NSW Government made the historic announcement that recruits will be paid up to $30,894 to study at the Goulburn Police Academy, a measure designed to boost police recruitment, address the critical shortage of police officers, and attract a more diverse range of recruits to the NSWPF. 

Member for Penrith Karen McKeown OAM said paid study is proving to be an outstanding success. “The NSW Police Force has received more than 1,573 applications to train as a police officer since the announcement on October 31 – a 44 per cent increase compared to the same period last year.”

This is complemented by other programs specifically aimed at attracting both regional recruits and experienced officers: 

1. You Should Be a Cop in Your Hometown ensures people from regional NSW who may not wish to move to the city and train as police then serve in, or near, their hometown after training at the Goulburn Police Academy. 

2. The Professional Mobility Program incentivises officers from other Australian states and territories and New Zealand to join the NSWPF whilst keeping their equivalent rank (up to senior constable level six). 

“The NSWPF is carrying more than 1,500 vacancies and these vacancies are placing significant strain and a punishing workload on serving officers. Action to tackle this is critical,” Mrs McKeown said. 

“These measures are vital elements of that response. The responsible decisions made in this week’s 2024-25 Budget mean we can invest in the essential services our community relies on, pay our workers fairly and keep our communities safe. It’s part of our plan to build a better NSW. 

“Congratulations to all of the Probationary Officers and thank you for dedicating your lives to keeping NSW safe.

“It was an honour to meet and welcome our new Probationary Constables on their first day on the job today.”