Glenmore Village official opening


Glenmore Village, the latest addition to the retail landscape of Glenmore Park, was officially opened by Councillor Todd Carney, Mayor of Penrith, and Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek, on 26 June 2024. This opening marks a significant milestone for the community, ushering in a new era of connectivity and convenience.

In the heart of Glenmore Park, a vibrant new retail hub has emerged, heralding a new era in community connectivity and convenience. Glenmore Village, developed and constructed by Beaini, stands tall as a testament to architectural ingenuity and community aspirations. Mickey Beaini, Director of Beaini Projects, reflects on the journey with excitement, anticipating the positive impact on the local retail landscape. Vanessa Sullivan, Head of Marketing for Raine & Horne Commercial Penrith, who manage the centre, said the community has been excited to see this development come to life.

Glenmore Village is celebrating their grand opening this Sunday, 7 July, with a huge day filled with fun and giveaways. The event promises lots of rides and activities for families and a chance to meet the retailers. Giveaways totaling $10,000, including the chance to win a $5,000 holiday, add to the excitement.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled within the Mulgoa Rise estate in Glenmore Park, Glenmore Village is conveniently situated adjacent to the Mulgoa Rise sporting complex. The centre boasts ample parking facilities, including both undercover and open-air options, ensuring ease of access for visitors. Centrally located on Glenmore Ridge Drive, it offers unparalleled convenience to the local community.

Diverse Offerings

Glenmore Village is anchored by Woolworths Metro and features an additional 43 retailers, offering a diverse selection of retail options. Visitors can enjoy casual dining spots, restaurants, beauty services, medical and health services.
The comprehensive range of services includes a medical centre, pharmacy, physiotherapy clinic,
and Australia Post, all prioritising visitor convenience.

Fitness and Recreation

For health and fitness enthusiasts, Glenmore Village is a prime destination. The centre features two gyms, one open 24/7, and a swim centre,  catering to the whole family’s fitness journey.

Community Hub

Modern amenities and close proximity to residential areas and sports facilities enhance the overall shopping experience. With its convenient location, diverse offerings, and commitment to visitor satisfaction, Glenmore Village is poised to become the go-to retail destination for residents of Glenmore Park and beyond.