Its all aboard at the Museum of Fire

HERE’S a story that we’d like to show particular recognition to on the week of International Women’s Day – for the very first time the board of the Museum of Fire has a noticeable female presence!

The newly elected board is now a mixture of female and male members.

Being known as a traditionally male-dominated field, the females and males blend together perfectly and are united in their vision for the Fire Museum.

The board members are: Cheryl Steer, Marcus Baker, Gina Field, Peter Stathis, Gregory Houston, Gabrielle Benkovich, Helen Stone, Christopher Fish, Belinda Hooker and Kenneth Murphy. 

“Being involved with the Museum Of Fire for 25 years through my business, I knew it was a no-brainer to join the board when asked by the CEO, Belinda,” said one board member, well known Nepean Regional Security owner, Gina Field.  

“Having a varied type of representation and skillset is paramount for any successful board to move a site such as this forward. Also, to deliver more programs, events and community-based initiatives whilst increasing awareness and visitation numbers.

“This hidden gem right here in Penrith and it’s history are significant. Preserving what is always at the forefront and in the history, as a more gender-diverse board which I am really excited about, I am sure we will collectively achieve that.”  

Located in the heart of Penrith, the Museum of Fire is a not-for-profit, registered charity and the official heritage partner of Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW). The museum’s collection is of national significance and celebrates the important and heroic history of firefighters and fire services across Australia. Many of the items in the museum’s extensive heritage collection are listed on the State Heritage Register.

Its history stems back a few decades, on 16 November 1986 the Museum of Fire was officially opened to the public. Over the years, the museum has hosted a variety of exhibitions and public programming. First and foremost, the Museum of Fire’s focus is centred on the preservation of fire-related heritage and the education of fire safety. 

The Museum of Fire’s purpose is to provide a world-class facility for the study and enjoyment of the history, use and control of fire, as well as the preservation of firefighting and fire service history in Australia.

Pop in for a visit!  
1 Museum Dr, Penrith
Phone: (02) 4731 3000