January at the Rehoming Centre!

By staff at Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC)

“Thank you to everyone and every organisation who has opened their hearts and homes to a shelter animal this past month, you’ve changed a life for the better and for good (sorry if I’ve missed anyone’s photo!). This month in particular we got to see some long term dogs Hugo, Jessie, Reggie and Jeff find homes or rescue. 

Overall this month we had 129 adoptions and rescues! However this month also saw 353 animals impounded with only 35 having owners come to collect them. Fantastic adoption/rescue days are often overshadowed by the sheer volume of stray animals that come through our doors with owners who never come looking or evade our best attempts to contact them. A pet is for life and unfortunately sometimes this is forgotten. 

If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family this new year – please consider adoption. Whilst we have had a great weekend full of adoptions we also have so many animals just like these guys who get overlooked and have waited far too long for the family they deserve.”

All of our available animals can be viewed here: www.thebarc.com.au/Adopt/Meet-our-animals-for-adoption and all lost animals can be viewed here: www.thebarc.com.au/Lost/Lost-my-pet
Rehoming organisation number: R251000103