Left of Field

With Gina Field, Nepean Regional Security

IS it just me or does there appear to be an increase in armed robberies, hold ups and shootings? 

Now I am no rocket scientist or brain surgeon, however I have been very blessed (not) to have worked in many a club and pub over the past 25 years in security and I lurve to observe the human creature in its most natural habitat – the club! 

The thing that I find the most hilarious (well not hilarious – let’s just say hypocritical) is that the hotel manager is usually the first to scream “Why Me?”Almost like a love song gone wrong.

Now who am I, I am just a mere security officer that had the wonderful job of clearing the drunks out (who all love me). On closing time the bar staff are winding down and chucking wet rags at each other, the manager is in the office because he has been there all day dealing with the crap and needs to update Facebook. The safe door is wide open because that’s where the night takings are going, the registers are being counted (usually at the bar) and the beer-filled mats are being hosed down out the back car park or loading dock with the fire door chocked open with an empty keg. The band is packing up and have chocked open the main glass doors to pack their cars.  

Oh and don’t forget camera 16 has been playing up for a while and that just happens to be over the safe area, but that’s on the to-do list, gotta go to the board or the manager has been busy buying meat raffles, right? Dear dear dear folks – I’ve seen it time and time again and I just shake my head. 

I seriously reckon they should place a neon sign on the main highway and say “get it while it’s hot” because all the crap I have just said above has just given the baddies a good chance to hold up your premises!

Okay, so what can we do to stop our mates at Work Cover asking for a free lunch at your joint for the next 15 weeks whilst they investigate the ‘why ya didn’t do it and how ya coulda stopped’ it scenario? 

Batten down the hatchets captains, because your closes should be tighter than a fishes bum (sorry but love that saying). Controlled access points, security, security, security and secured doors and staff escorted from club to car. Control is the answer my friends, if the baddies see control and the fact that their hold-up attempt may be hindered or observed, they will move onto the next place. It is as simple as that! They try the element of surprise, always be one step ahead of them! 

 Let’s just pretend that you’re in a horror movie and that the blob is going to get in the access points, that’s how you should treat your club or pub on closing time; shut the doors, lock the doors. Also recommended  is a decent security service. If your  security officer is on his mobile or chatting up the staff it’s time for a change kids – security have a really important role of checking toilets, securing doors and controlling access points whilst the club is placed in lockdown. A security dude chatting up the last single lady in the club is not the look you need – wouldn’t happen on my watch or in my company – period! 

So there you have it kids, control, security, close the access points and be tighter than a fishes bum, which I might add I have never seen or experienced. (Tick). 

PS. Please be aware that no fish were injured during the writing of this column.