New tafe nsw course to help Western Sydney locals barbecue like a boss

LOCALS will have a chance to “up the steaks” in the great Aussie tradition of barbecuing as part of a unique new TAFE NSW course.

For the first time ever, TAFE NSW will offer a Barbecue Pitmastery Masterclass to locals, hosted by world-renowned multi-award winning pitmaster, Adam Roberts.

It comes amid a surge in popularity in “low ‘n’ slow” smokers and grills in Australia in recent years. More than 18 million Aussies now have a barbecue in their home and American-style barbecue is the fastest growing part of the sector. 

The TAFE NSW course, to be delivered entirely online and able to be completed at your own pace, is aimed at those new to this form of cooking and includes units covering simple techniques, different cuts of meat, types of barbecues and the ideal fuel to use. A special “one-stop shop” website will be available, featuring video tutorials, recipes and other useful links.

Mr Roberts, who directed and narrated the internationally awarded documentary Beyond the Flame, said he was honoured to partner with Australia’s largest training organisation, TAFE NSW, to share his passion for smokers, grills and specialist cookers through the course.

“It’s all about sharing my love for food, friendship and culture with others and helping them learn a new skills and then share that with others,” Mr Roberts said.

“This course will give participants a baseline knowledge of cooking great food over fire and is a great starting point for those just dipping their toe in the water for the first time.

“Harnessing the reach of TAFE NSW will ensure more people are able to get the hands-on, practical skills to learn the art of perfect grilling and smoking.”

COOKING WITH FIRE: Renowned pitmaster Adam Roberts will offer locals the hands-on skills to become wood-fire barbecue ready as part of a unique new TAFE NSW short course.

The course costs $149 and is launching in time for Father’s Day, with TAFE NSW offering a gift card as a special touch for those wanting to give their dads a unique present.

TAFE Digital executive director Lyn Rickard said the new course highlighted the responsiveness of TAFE NSW in addressing the changing skills needs of the community.

“The Barbecue Pitmastery Masterclass is a powerful example of how TAFE NSW offers flexibility and industry-led, cutting edge training to ensure students gain the skills they need,” Ms Rickard said.

“Whether it’s learning the skills to launch a new career or simply pursuing something you’re passionate about, TAFE NSW has a wide range of online and face-to-face courses to suit your aspirations.”

To enrol or learn more about the Barbecue Pitmastery Masterclass, call 131 601 or visit