Our three local members stand again

You’ve probably started to notice that there is an election in the air. Flyers, signage and smiling candidates have began to appear at shopping centres and train stations around town.  There may not be as much kissing babies with this election being a post-pandemic one, but everything else seems to be campaign business as usual. 

The NSW state election will be held on Saturday 25th March this year and the candidates for each of our local electorates have hit the ground running.  

The current Members of Parliament in our three local electorates are throwing their hats back in the ring.  

Prue Car (Labor) will once again stand for Londonderry.

Stuart Ayres (Liberal) will once again stand for Penrith.

Tanya Davies (Liberal) will once again stand for Badgerys Creek (which was known as Mulgoa when she held it). 

As you’ll see on the following pages and indeed over the next few issues there are plenty of candidates hoping to take their jobs.  There are a few new faces on the campaign trail, as well as some familiar ones including Karen McKeown who is going for another round with her sights on the Penrith seat. 

We’ll provide you will state election coverage over the next few weeks, and
you can also follow the latest campaign news on our Nepean News facebook page.  Strap in!