Penrith’s generosity shines bright

A remarkable wave of generosity has swept through Penrith this year, leaving a trail of compassion and support in its wake. 

WestCare Penrith, a local organisation dedicated to assisting those in need, found itself at the centre of  the high outpouring of goodwill.

Donations poured in from every corner – cheques, toys of all shapes and sizes and non-perishable food items.  The vibe at WestCare was charged with a sense of shared purpose as volunteers have been working tirelessly to organise the abundance of contributions. 

Every year WestCare is counted on by many local families struggling to make ends meet.  CEO Andrew Paech said the Penrith Community always chips in with donations, but that this year they responded with unparalleled enthusiasm.

I spoke with Andrew this week, who was clearly moved by the kindness and solidarity of the Penrith community, particularly after what has been another challenging year for many. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Andrew said.  “We’ve had such an overwhelming response, it is going to make a difference to over 1000 homes.” 

Well done everyone!