Please help get Mia to Germany for treatment 

Hi I’m Karen,

I am trying to raise funds for this beautiful young family so that they can travel to Germany to get the cancer treatment they need so desperately for their little girl, Mia Shannon.

Mia is a beautiful vibrant little girl who is living with Medullablastoma. She was diagnosed with this horrible cancer when she was 5. She unfortunately has relapsed, and she needs this very important treatment called Hyperthermia. This cutting edge treatment is a huge advancement in way of cancer treatment and has given many people so many more years of life, and sometimes a cure. This is what we are hoping for, for Mia.

We have liased with Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo and
Dr Hüseyin Sahinbas in Germany, and also spoken to a previous patient of theirs who is now still alive 20 years later. There is always hope, we are hoping this is Mia’s hope.

Obviously Stacey and Rob have been hit hard financially having to travel so far, but unfortunately this treatment is not yet available in Australia and she desperately needs it.

With your help we can make it possible, no matter how big
or small your donation, it will be so very much appreciated by the family.

Thank you so much. We will keep you up to date as the next part of Mia’s journey happens.

Visit to donate, or check Nepean News facebook for the link.

You can also contact Nepean News on 0422 067 644.