Shower your honey with love 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – the most romantic day on the calendar. Many lovers will shower each other with gifts, hopefuls will choose the day to declare love to an often-unaware conquest and others will agree to tie the knot. 

I can’t speak for same-sex relationships nor the gents in a hetero relationship, but I’m going to bare all and make a declaration on behalf of my breed and say this day is one for the ladies!

Valentine’s Day represents a day of hope when there’s someone out there we fantasise will fall madly in love with us. 

It is the day of judgement for those fellas who’ve just started dating us. And for those in long-term relationships and happy marriages, it can be the day of reassurance that we still feel loved and adored. 

In troubled relationships, it is the day of reckoning. 

But for the ladies who have no current love interest, it can be Single Person Awareness Day. (SPAD) 

If you’re in the loved-up category, it’s a good idea to be mindful of the feelings of those friends in the SPAD phase. They probably don’t want to hear all about the perfect roses, perfect chocolates and perfect hand-written poems you received from your perfect boyfriend… 27 times. 

They’ll get it the first time you say it. 

And, I have some tips for the lads, too. If you want a lady to know how you feel about her, take the punt and aim cupid’s arrow in her direction – send her some flowers! The worst that can happen is you’ll be a few bucks out of pocket, and if the same spark isn’t felt by her, at least she’ll always refer to you as “that sweet guy.”

If you’re in a new relationship and wondering if it is too soon to arrange dinner at a local restaurant, I have one point to make. It is NEVER too soon. 

Married guys who think it is all commercial BS – get off the platform on this one – steal some flowers out of the nearest garden and present them to her. 

Blokes who’ve not been the greatest partner they could have been – shell out a few bucks, get a bouquet and write some nice words in a card. A bit of sly cash and ten minutes worth of effort could reverse a multitude of sins in one hit. Do it. 

And even though I think Valentine’s Day is a special day on many a female’s calendar, there’s definitely some guys out there who rate it too. 

So girls, if you’re dating a SNAG, married to a romantic or not been the best partner you could have been yourself, shower your honey with love and show them what they mean to you. Happy Valentines Day! 

(Hopefully my husband reads this, ps I love red roses).