St Clair Physie celebrates a stellar year of achievements

Team Teachers.

St Clair Physie, a vibrant not-for-profit physical culture club, is basking in the glow of an extraordinary 2023 season, marked by remarkable triumphs and team spirit. As they gear up for another exhilarating year in 2024, the club reflects on its past accomplishments and eagerly anticipates new milestones on the horizon.

St Clair Physie isn’t just a dance sport; it’s a community that fosters fun, fitness, and friendships across all ages. Affiliated with the renowned Bjelke Petersen School of Physical Culture, the club’s ethos revolves around inclusivity and support, as affirmed by President Chelsea Cahalane. 

“We strive to be supportive and encouraging to all, giving members a sense of good health, connection, and belonging.” Chelsea said.

In the spotlight of 2023, St Clair Physie witnessed a constellation of achievements:

Ariana Tantalos, at a tender age, clinched the title of 6 Year National Champion at the Junior National Championships, etching her name as the club’s youngest-ever national champion.

Chelsea Cahalane secured 2nd place in the Open U33s Ladies section at the Ladies National Championships, propelling her into contention for the coveted title of Ladies Grand Champion.

Tahlya Johnson demonstrated her prowess with a 2nd place finish in the 15 Years section at the esteemed Senior National Championships held at the iconic Opera House.

The club’s team spirit shone brightly as both the 7/8 Years and 9/10 Years teams seized 1st place in A Grade at the Junior Teams Competition.

The jubilant teachers expressed their delight as the St Clair Physie family continues to flourish, with members embracing the joy of physie wholeheartedly.

Looking ahead to 2024, St Clair Physie extends an open invitation to join their ranks:

Registration Day is set for Tuesday, February 6th, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at St Clair Public School.

Classes are held at the convenient venue of St Clair Public School.

Prospective members can reach out via email at or by phone at 0404 988 381.

For further information, visit their website at, and stay connected through Facebook and Instagram.

As St Clair Physie embarks on another year of dance, friendship, and achievement, they invite everyone to join them on this exhilarating journey of growth and celebration.