Storm Boy gallops to glory in the Magical Millions

WHEN the winner of the Magic Millions literally stormed home at the Gold Coast last week, 25 Penrith-based business people were cheering a little louder than most.  Why?  Because collectively they own 19.5% of the champion horse, Storm Boy. 

After watching legendary Gai Waterhouse parade him through the beer garden of the Loggie, a  kick-in of $6k each has earned them shares in a colt that has not only wowed the nation, it’s now gearing up for the Golden Slipper.

You can’t make this stuff up! 

I’ll clarify and set the scene; there was a business meeting at the Log Cabin, where iconic horse trainer Gai was the guest speaker.  Whilst there, she paraded a couple of racehorses through the beer garden – as you do. 

The atmosphere was no doubt charged with excitement as Gai revealed an opportunity for the audience to buy shares in a racehorse; offering not just an investment but a journey into the realm of dreams and victories.

One of the owners, Paul Lumtin shared some background on how it all came about (and almost didn’t!). 

“It has been quite a journey, and just talking to James Wood, we both cannot believe how quickly this seems to have come together, but we remembered that it nearly didn’t, and it’s been a journey of luck!” Paul said.

“After my first letter to Gai, it took months to get her across the line (to speak at a Penrith business event at the Log Cabin). Her assistants initially told me that Gai was reducing her speaking engagements and was unlikely to attend,” Paul said. 

“It was going to be a toss-up between Jeff Fenech and Gai Waterhouse for the event and we are extremely lucky she decided to fit us in, and I know she feels the same now.

“Another stroke of luck came when she altered her plans, originally intending to bring a colt Capitalist x Espaaniyah to the Log Cabin. Two days before the function, there was a last-minute change, and she brought Justify x Pelican, now Storm Boy.

“The last stroke of luck was the name itself. Initially, the name Storm Boy was taken when I looked it up, and I almost binned it. Claudia did some research and found out that the name Storm Boy became available again on August 31, 2023, just eight days before we officially named him.

“Go Storm Boy!!!!

Another owner, Darren Latty from PRD Penrith said it had been an incredible experience. 

“Words can’t explain the thrill of winning and the journey we have been on since that day in the beer garden at The Log Cabin,” Darren said.  

“To experience it with such a great group of people, meeting all of the other connections and getting VIP treatment along the way. 

“Head is sore but the bank balance is solid! Bring on the Golden Slipper!”

“For a bunch of Penrith mates who threw not a lot of money into a small pot to have some fun – we are living the dream – Giddyup Storm boy,” added owner Matthew Freeburn.

What an incredible story!